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The Promac Group is a high end supplier of service and machinery to the UK and Irish window and glass industry.  Working mainly in PVC, Aluminium and Glass processing, the company also provides spare parts, tools, consumables and financial solutions.

For over thirty years the company has distributed and installed machinery for the world’s leading manufacturers including U-R-B-A-N, For.El, Rapid, Pertici, FOM Industrie, GRAF Synergy (STB), BDM, Macotec, GFPm, Softsolution, MTL and much more.

The Company started in 1979 as Window Machinery Sales Limited, later known as ‘Promac’ and first supplied machinery manufactured in Germany, but quickly developed partnerships with Italian suppliers as well. These early relationships continue to this day with all of the machinery manufacturers revered as global leaders.
Promac has a proud heritage for service delivery, a reputation our team of Service Engineers, Sales Managers, Spare’s Advisors and Directors are keen to grow and protect.
This web site is an essential part of our service commitment and we hope you find it both informative and helpful with your enquiry today. To see our terms and conditions Click Here